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We're here to tell your story


Collectively with over 20 years of experience in the professional creative industry, Two Feathers Collaboration has the tools and understanding required to turn our clients’ visions into real deliverables to aid in marketing, brand recognition or simply to tell a compelling story.

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Our Team

Lucas Handy

When I was 7 years old I received a camera for Christmas and immediately became the friend in the group that was recording everything. My love for storytelling has grown since then and has developed into a diverse career focussed around producing content that invokes powerful emotions and captivates an audience. 

I’ve honed my passion through time spent studying Film Production at Brooks Institute, managing media and public relations for Luvlab Productions, Coordinating international filmmakers for, and shooting freelance video/photo for individuals, events and businesses around the world. Today, with more than 10 years of experience in Digital Content Production, I have the skills and focus required for transforming client visions into high-quality content with the resources available, while deploying creative problem solving to develop efficient workflows and results driven media campaigns.

Jonny Taitano

Håfa Adai! Growing up in the Northern Mariana Islands, I’ve always had an appreciation for capturing the beauty that surrounded me. With over ten years of experience behind the camera, my passion to immerse myself in the world behind the lens continues to grow. The camera allows me to participate in worlds I would not see otherwise. My aim with photo and video is to capture the moments I witness as authentically as possible. My style is playful, unconventional, and spontaneous with the goal of witnessing the impact of the moment. It's always been in my nature to experiment and discover my own methods which have greatly influenced my work.

Jonny and Lucas have been friends since 2008, a close brotherhood cemented together by a shared passion for exploration and human connection. Individually they share an ever-growing love for capturing the world through a lens. With this close friendship, they came to fully understand the beauty and power of collaboration. Two Feathers Collaboration was established in 2017 where their diverse background and styles continue to build a highly creative portfolio.

‘Two Feathers’ was the tribal name given to our late friend Corry Eskridge at the time of his birth. Corry ‘Two Feathers’ Eskridge and his family are descendants of the Esselen tribe —the Native Americans who are indigenous to the Santa Lucia mountain area in Central California. Two Feathers Collaboration was founded in memory of Corry who was well known for his community focussed mindset, visions for global equality and wildly creative moves on the dancefloor. Following in his bare-foot steps we intend to keep his visions alive by donating 2% of our annual profits to charities and initiatives that he would have aligned with.


Our Collaborators

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We love collaborating! These are some of the amazingly talented individuals we've worked beside. 

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