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Bison at the Beach

Two Feathers Collaboration is honored to have forged a partnership with Howard University, a beacon of academic excellence and cultural significance. Our collaboration began in 2022 when we won a bid to cover their Bison at the Beach Inaugural Golf Classic taking place at Pebble Beach, a groundbreaking fundraising event for the Howard University golf program. Since then, we've also covered the 2023 edition and have flown to various parts of the US to help capture media for other university events as well.

The Bison at the Beach Golf Classic is supported by NBA champion Stephen Curry, Howard alumni, Board of Trustees members, corporate sponsors, and supporters to raise over $3 million in support of the golf program's endowment. Our team is tasked with documenting the event, a responsibility we approach with pride and professionalism.


Over the course of two days, our dedicated team covers every aspect of the event, ensuring no moment is missed. Despite the tight deadline, we deliver a day-one highlight reel with just a 6-hour turnaround time, which is showcased at the awards ceremony on the second day.


In total, Howard University receives two high-quality recap videos and a social media reel capturing the essence of their event. Our partnership with Howard University extends beyond event coverage; we've established a professional rapport that sees us collaborating on future endeavors, including next year's golf classic.

It is a testament to the quality of our work and the dedication of our team that Howard University, with the support of industry leaders like ESPN, Under Armour, and NBA star Stephen Curry, continues to entrust us with capturing their prestigious events. At Two Feathers Collaboration, we are proud to contribute to Howard University's mission and legacy through our commitment to delivering exceptional media content. __________ Experience the inspiring journey of Howard University's golf program through the lens of the ESPN docu-series "Why Not Us: Howard Golf." Follow the dedication of student-athletes and the strategic guidance of their coaches as they strive to build a golf legacy that transcends the sport.


Witness the resilience and determination required as Howard Golf aims to compete for championships at top college tournaments nationwide. "Why Not Us: Howard Golf" offers a firsthand look at the cultural shift taking place within the world of golf, showcasing the program's commitment to excellence and diversity.

For more captivating insights into the Howard University golf program, don't miss out on watching "Why Not Us" on ESPN.

Join the journey and be a part of this transformative narrative in collegiate athletics.




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