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Event Sustainability

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Music and art have an eternal power to connect and transform the behaviors of an audience from anywhere in the universe. Concerts and festivals are where we can go to experience this transformation first hand. When focussed around the right values, event culture provides society with diverse community and personal growth and can be the most beautiful display of radical self-expression. 


Unfortunately, when the music stops and attendees have cleared often what remains of a festival is the bi-product of hyper-consumption –massive amounts of landfill destined waste. Since 2018 Two Feathers Collaboration has teamed up with incredible world-renowned event producers to create media that empowers the participants to celebrate with sustainability in mind.


From educational video series to a feature-length documentary film, Two Feathers Collaboration is doing its part to be a faucet of public outreach, aiming to educate through entertainment and leave this world better than found.

Lightning in a Bottle

'Leave it Better' 2022

An empowering, behind-the-curtain, look into the imperative hard-work of maintaining the cleanliness and educating the participants of Do-Labs’ annual Lightning In A Bottle Festival.

Stage Clean Up


Know B4 You Go

Lake Clean Up

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