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Big Sur Fire

Two Feathers Collaboration has been proud to partner with Big Sur Fire, a longstanding volunteer fire organization dedicated to protecting the Big Sur community and its visitors for over 50 years. Since early 2023, our collaboration has focused on planning, scripting, organizing, and conducting interviews to create a compelling 3-5 minute video about the organization. Utilizing a combination of archival footage and current media captured by our team, we aim to showcase the rich history and vital role of Big Sur Fire.

In addition to the organizational video, we are producing multiple educational videos on fire awareness and preparedness for the community, as well as instructional videos to onboard new firefighters. These resources will serve to educate and empower both residents and visitors alike.

Furthermore, we are building an extensive image asset gallery to be utilized across Big Sur Fire's social platforms, website, newsletters, and monthly magazines, enhancing their visual storytelling and outreach efforts.

In recognition of our dedication and expertise, Two Feathers Collaboration secured a bid at the end of 2023 to manage Big Sur Fire's website on a retainer basis. This ongoing partnership underscores our commitment to supporting Big Sur Fire in their mission to safeguard the Big Sur community and its cherished landscape.

Image Asset Gallery

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